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We at Heat Transfer Equipments Pvt Ltd offer best quality FRP Cooling Tower as per your requirements. We have our own design and manufacturing factory in Coimbatore South India. We are the certified member of Cooling Tower Institue USA with vast experience of more than 19 years in cooling industry and manufactured more than 12000 nos. of FRP cooling towers for Indian and Foreign clients. Our quality only speaks for us to converting of a buyer into a customer. Fiberglass fortified plastic is one of the most grounded and most tough materials on the planet.

We are one of the main makers, exporters of whole scope of FRP lining is finished utilizing premium review plastics and strands that are obtained from confirmed merchants after careful assessment. These FRP lining are accessible in various details (thk.) that can additionally be altered as determined by the customers. Our scope of FRP lining incorporates tank lining, vessel lining, epoxy coating and concoction safe covering. We do the Lining of FRP on M.S, Civil Structure. fiber glass items like machine made Fiber Glass Frame supports,FRP Grids, FRP Tanks/Vessels, FRP Pipes fiber glass fortified plastic sheets and fiber glass boards, Services (AMC of the Fiberglass and Thermoplastic Products),FRP lining.

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Our products are manufactured at our state-of-the-art infrastructure facility by making use of premium quality raw materials.

The FRP square type Cooling towers we offer have fixed targeted nozzles in the hot water basin. They are designed meticulously for water distribution and are highly resistant to temperature and weathering. The use of targeted nozzles eliminates the need for separate diffusion deck. These FRP square type cooling towers are preferred for minimum drift losses, easy accessibility of internal components, high thermodynamic efficiency and low power requirements. Easy to maintain, these FRP square type cooling towers can be installed on roof tops.

Specifications of Square Shape FRP Cooling Tower

The Round Shape FRP Cooling Tower may call as Bottle Shape . The casing and basins are designed to withstand severe vibration, high wind load and to resist corrosion. The Heat Transfer Equipments FRP Bottle shape Cooling Tower consists of Honey comb PVC fills and eliminators in a design that maximizes economy and efficiency and directly driven fan and Motor ‘Minimum drift Losses’. Uniform distribution of hot water by rotating arm sprinkler. Hot dipped Galvanized hardware to withstand wind forces. The bottle shape makes possible to provide maximum cooling efficiency in minimum plan area with lower energy consumption.

Specifications of Bottle Shape FRP Cooling Tower

We Design and Manufacture a comprehensive Seamless Cooling Tower here in India, our designing peoples concentrate much more to develop these kind of Seamless Cooling Systems as per our buyers requirement that have a single piece shell. There are no seems, panels, rivets or plenty of fasteners in this Seamless Cooling Towers and with no compromise of Quality, Competitive price and Elegant look. Contact us for more information on our Seamless Cooling Systems.

The pinnacle packaging structured with fiberglass strengthened plastic is known as frp cooling tower. It is to a great degree erosion safe. It offers enough constructional capacity to stand firm against vibration and high breeze speed. Packaging planned in segments appropriately coordinates at streamlined forms and works, which are expert for best execution. On the off chance that you need to purchase the best cooling pinnacle, you have to visit the best and dependable frp cooling tower maker. The frp cooling towers india is structured with fiberglass fortified plastic and very impervious to erosion. The fiberglass fortified plastic is a mixed material. The filaments utilized in the mix are carbon or aramid, glass, wood, paper and then some.

The important facts of frp cooling tower are as follows,

Components of FRP Cooling Tower

FRP Cooling Tower Specifications

Our products for FRP Cooling tower contains

Advantages and Functional Features

FRP Cooling Towers are of vertical induced draft counter flow design. The tower ideal with regard space 

Continuous rating shock-proof totally enclosed type as per IP 55 and suitable for outdoor mounting.

Smaller H. P. Motors are used for the towers to make a great deal of difference in operating cost. Aiming to deliver quality product economical price.

The fan is directly driven and of axial flow type. The fan blades are of cast aluminium completely free from problem encountered with belt and gear drives.

It prevents spray entrainment reduces carryover losses of water. The eliminators is of rigid P.V.C.

Corrosion resistant fill are of polyvinyl chloride in honey comb design.

Fixed sprinkler with spray nozzles for uniform distribution of water over the fill area. Nozzles are easily removable for cleaning through the inspection window.

Easy operating window is provided to inspect from where water distribution and fill can be observed clearly. Any repairing can be done through the window.

The Body of the tower made of tough fibre glass reinforced plastic. It has sufficient structural strengh of withstand high industrial vibrations and velocity. It is resistant to local impacts and even if damage is sustained local repairs can easily be done.

Considerable reduced because fan is the only moving part of the cooling tower, Fixed distribution system instead of rotating sprinkler which eliminates all bearing and frictional problems. We undertake service contracts for maintenance / repairs of cooling towers.

Applications of FRP Cooling Tower

Heat Transfer Equipments manufactured FRP Cooling Tower for All industrial applications. Particulary saying industries like, FRP cooling Tower for:

Nano Technology on FRP Cooling Tower : We are closly watching this technology and will be adapted for our existing clients as upgradation of FRP cooling tower.

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